yearning ep

by hex girlfriend

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songs about things that went wrong or maybe went right for just a little bit


released May 31, 2017



all rights reserved


hex girlfriend Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: waiting
i know i recognize you from somewhere
but im too afraid to ask
but its ok cuz you talked to me anyway
and walked around downtown seattle with me

and tell me all about yr life
while we ask for cigarettes from passerby's
and kiss me right on the cheek
on the corner of the street

wont you lay down with me
on out backs in the grass
and i know all the people, they will stare
but i dont care

now youre so far away
across galaxies and the milky way
and i can text you but its not the same
so im waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting
Track Name: u could say sorry
i know that i cant talk to you anymore
but i cant hide from my childhood anymore
maybe its always been this way
i was too naive to see your distance
im losing grip on my memories
of your voice and your face
i cant help that im dependent when i act like youre irrelevant
but i dont like to think about your abandonment

you know that ive seen through all your lies before
and i know that you are so self centered you couldnt be bothered
to just say youre sorry
just apologize to me
cuz soon ill be gone and then your absence cant control me

i know that i
cant talk to you anymore
but i cant hide
from my childhood anymore